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Featuring the photography of     Andy and Gill Swash     Greg and Yvonne Dean     Roger and Liz Charlwood
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Searching for a specific Image

If you are looking for a particular image, you can search the website using any combination of words or parts of a word (the search facility is not case-specific to make it easier to use). Each image is fully referenced, so your search will find all the images that meet your search criteria in any of the following fields:

  • Name (English or scientific)
  • Location (e.g. continent, country, state/county/province or place)
  • Age, sex, plumage (e.g. “adult”, “female”, “breeding”)
  • Behaviour (e.g. “In flight”, "Displaying")
  • Conservation Status (e.g. “Endangered”)

To use the search facility to its full potential click on "Advanced Search". Then type the characters you wish to search for in the large grey box which appears below the words "Search the Gallery" and click  Search .


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