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Featuring the photography of     Andy and Gill Swash     Greg and Yvonne Dean     Roger and Liz Charlwood
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The images on this website are divided into six categories: Birds, Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians, Insects & other invertebrates, Plants and Habitats & Wild Places.

The images for birds and mammals appear in taxonomic order, as follows:

Birds - by family and genus, following the order used by BirdLife International. The species in each genus gallery appear in alphabetical order by their scientific name. In some cases, genus galleries are further subdivided into species folders where, again, the species are shown in alphabetical order by their scientific name.

Mammals - by order and family, following The Encyclopedia of Mammals by David MacDonald (2006).

Square 'icons' are used to sub-divide the images into galleries (e.g. families, genera or species). To view an image (these are rectangular in shape – either horizontal or vertical), click on it and a medium-sized image will open up; click on it again and a large image will appear. Relevant information is given below each image.

To navigate to a specific gallery of images, start by clicking on the relevant name in yellow in the bar below the logo.

To move to a different category, click on "Home" and then the relevant category icon.

To see a randomly selected image, just click on the ‘Random Image’ shown on the left hand side of the page and this will open up. At the same time a new random image will appear, so just repeat the process if you want to continue browsing in this way.


Constantly updated - new images added daily